Mandeep Kaur
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Hi Jake,

I am trying to get a reduced prescription from optometrist but no luck so far.I called few optical stores to make glasses for my daughter but all wanted optometrist prescription.I went to behavorial optometrist with a hope that atleast she would give me PD measurement.She measured her and according to her my daughter’s diopters are
R 1.25 No cylinder
L 2.25 No Cylinder (YAY!!!!! the only positive that came out of these two days exhaustion to get reduced prescription)
I tried to convince her about reversing myopia she said that you can never reverse myopia,it is like trying to reduce height.when I told her that she was prescribed R sph 1.75 cyl 0.50 and L sph 3cyl 0.50 2 months before,she told me it was overprescription,when I told her she could only only read 20/70 with her left eye and now she can read 20/30 and her centimeters and overall vision is improved as well,she told me sometimes kids can over focus as their eyes are accomodative.Like Seriously 20/70 to 20/30 with accomodative vision?? At this point,I wanted to pull my hair.I gave up but still tried to be polite in a hope that she might give me reduced prescription.She said she could give 1 D for right eye( I know because her right eye measured better than 1.25 but she measured her old glasses first so she couldn’t give her 1 or less as it would prove her wrong),but not 1.25 D for the left eye as it is way too undercorrected and refused to give PD.I went to so many optical stores and 1 person agreed to give me PD for $10 but refused to give reduced prescription.But still it was a huge achievement for today.I wanted to buy glasses in person so that my daughter could see the fit but I have no option.So I’ll be ordering her glasses from zenni with fingers crossed.But these two days showed me how this glasses business work. so ridicilous even my daughter was laughing.It is big shame.

Thank you again for creating Endmyopia.I can’t thank you enough!