BackTo20/20 Courses

New For 2023

BackTo20/20 Developer Edition

Developer version of the BackTo20/20 course. Tweaked for demanding screen jobs & eye strain scenarios.

Updated Version 2022

Le Rough Guide (Standalone)

11 chapter condensed vision improvement guide complied from the 1,200+ articles on endmyopia. Excellent starting point for understanding the endmyopia method.


Last Diopter Course

Last diopter course. In testing / pre-release stage. Available for limited audience at this time. Not for presbyopia or higher than -1.50 diopter myopia.


20/10: Performance Vision

High performance vision for professionals (athletes, military, pilots, professions with high acuity requirements). Requires ongoing maintenance and work, not intended for casual use.


The Measuring Guide

Learn how to measure your refractive state meaningfully. Includes three measuring dimensions, printable tools, and foundations for working on improving eyesight.

Updated Version 2022

Le Rough Guide (w/ BackTo20/20)

Included with BackTo20/20, version of "Le Rough Guide". Use as reference tool and review alongside the 84 session full course.


Presbyopia Program

While presbyopia itself can not be reversed, your dependence on glasses likely can be reduced (or even eliminated, in many cases). This, the course for presbyopia.


Child Program Add-On

Available only to participants in the BackTo20/20 adult program. Currently included at no charge (upon request) for myopic parens.

2023 Edition

BackTo20/20 Adult Program

The core program. If you have myopia and want to reduce / reverse it, this is the full 80+ session program, including one-on-one support.

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