Mandeep Kaur
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Hi Jake,

Thank you for your suggestions.I have a few questions

1. With her current glasses she can see 20/15 with her right eye in indoor night light (150 lux) and 20/13 in natural indoor daylight.Her Left Eye is 20/30 in indoor night light (150 lux) and sometimes 20/25 in natural indoor light. If we keep her current glasses while waiting for her left eye to catch up, Does using 20/15 right-eye vision glasses all the time except for close up work affect her eyesight? like she watches TV from 6m with these glasses.Also, she can’t find any blur with her current glasses for the Active Focus

2 During the weekend when she took off her glasses to do her homework outdoors, she forgot to put them on and went 6 hrs straight without glasses outdoors. She only realized that she has no glasses when our neighbor asked about the glasses. During regular days when she takes off her glasses for morning reading, she goes 1.5 hrs without glasses until she reaches the school. The same thing happens in the evening when she takes off her glasses for reading, she doesn’t put them on till bedtime (around 1.5 hrs) . This gives me confidence that she would be ok with lower diopters.

3 If I choose to reduce diopters( 1 R ,1.25L), Should I keep the Cyl correction in the left eye. I’ve read so many times that sph and cyl reduction shouldn’t be done at the same time but since it is just .25CYL,Is it ok to let it go?

4. Her Snellen chart readings are very encouraging with her left eye. She is clearing almost one line on Snellen chart every week but her centimeters are between 55-60 cm while her right eye centimeters are between 120-130.Should I start little bit of patching?

Thank You!