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Hey Jake,

This has nothing to do with this topic but instead about your post on potentially moving to Spain in the forum. I guess I don’t have enough posts to post in that section since I just lurk but I wanted to help out since we have somewhat similar situations (both traders, both moved abroad and speak English and can travel and work remotely).

I just moved from the US to one of the island regions in Italy called Sardegna. Most have never heard of it (most only know of Sicily). I like it better this way for numerous reasons but anyway..

If you are looking for a somewhat tropical area in the EU free of covid bs and with a potentially new and friendly national government here in Italy, with modern infrastructure and low crime, kitesurfing, sea, mountains, etc all easily accessible then it might be for you. So far after almost 4 months it has been the right move for someone like me. Granted, I speak B2 level Italian and am entirely Italian but you can get by with English especially during summer months and Italian isn’t too hard to learn.

Crime is low, people are welcoming, not crowded whatsoever, lots of beaches and clean water. Modern technology and infrastructure and health system to do blood work etc. Can get anything online still easily ad quickly. Cheap for people with foreign incomes. No migrant problems here due to geography vs. the mainland of Italy and the EU. I could see you here for sure and obviously could help you out if you ever did decide to come here.

Might not be as warm as where you are year-round but not as bad as Germany and on par or better than Spain for sure. I have a 3bed 2 bath place with kitchen right on the water (amazing view) for 1100/month in a main city in a residential area and everything is walkable. Motorcycle/bike culture is alive here (it’s Italy after all) (know you like that). Cuisine here is NOT for vegans at all and they eat more meat than the mainland but also obviously pasta is here as well etc but you have quality options even at the supermarket here.

Some things do take longer to do here and get adjusted to because it’s Italy but honestly has been bad where I’m at. With your EU passport you’ll be good here.

Anyway, just felt like I had to reach out and let you know this was an option. Any questions you can hit me up here or email me (think my email is listed for you to see as an admin).

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