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I don’t have a laptop, just a PC and a huge monitor with no way to connect it with the internet at the time. But now that’s all good and proper habits have been in place for a while and I don’t use the phone as much as possible.

Should I continue with the 300 lux going forward or put the Snellen in another lux environment? It may be good to give me a range of acceptable lux to test in because I am right on the water with the terrace and the sun’s light comes in at very varying amounts. While I can move the chart to give it more or less lux, sometimes it may not be exactly around 300 based on if it’s cloudy or the position of the sun etc. It does mean I have to keep testing with the lux meter to make sure each time I test but that is fine.

Also, at what lux range should I be testing my cm? The same as the Snellen or different? Again, lots of options here.

I’ll do a .25 reduction as scheduled, thanks.

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