One-On-One Support With Jake

Short answer:  Mentored support from me is not available with Le Rough Guide.

Want answers to your specific eyeball questions?  Diopters, progress, troubleshooting, tweaks?

Full one-on-one support is available for all members of the BackTo20/20 program.  

Usually once every 24 hours a guru makes an appearance.  

With membership you also get access to the full back catalog of forum questions and answers, including many thousands of progress reports, conversations, and specific advice that you may find useful for your own scenario.  So while you’re always welcome to ask me directly about anything eyeball related, you can also browse a huge library of covered topics.

And slightly less sarcasm on my part.

Getting Access
To One-On-One Support

Currently membership is based on an invite system.  

I do anywhere from 2-3 to as many as ten invites a month, depending on the otherwise-work schedule I have going on.  If you bought Le Rough Guide you’ll get any of the available invites first (no guarantees, depends on availability).  You also get BackTo20/20 with a full credit for your Le Meow purchase – so you’re not having to pay twice either way.