Take a look at our diverse myopia rehabilitation and prevention options.


Pricing depends on your choice of program, including free participation choices, and a range programs to help address your specific case and vision improvement goals.



One-on-One Programs


Best for targeted myopia rehabilitation is our traditionally offered offsite rehab program.


These programs provide you with your own therapist, who keeps a detailed file of your progress and customized your recovery plan.  We have been offering this one-on-one program in various forms for over 15 years, most recently including the Internet and e-mail.  This is a distance care program, to suit clients anywhere in the world.  (For on-site programs, see information listed below.)


Since every myopia case is unique, the one-on-one program is best suited for maximum recovery gains.


The one-on-one program provides options for specific case types.  We offer programs for professionals with specific eyesight requirements (firefighters, military personnel, pilots).  We also have one-on-one programs dealing with lifestyle challenges (eg. individuals requiring a lot of close-up / computer time).  Our one-on-one programs also encompass child and adolescent recovery programs, with a focus on preventative measures and good vision habits.



Full symptom evaluation by your therapist.


You may have experienced the general standard of myopia evaluation:  Sit in a chair, read a Snellen, look through some test lenses, maybe an automated measurement with a photoropter.  This, followed by a prescription of glasses.  Case closed.


That is not how we deal with your eyesight – In a proper rehabilitation setting we consider the full picture of your case.  How long you have had myopia symptoms, the degree to which your prescriptions have changed, your lifestyle – it all matters when you want to recover healthy eyesight.  Our ongoing reviews include measurements you can conduct yourself, to track progress and help your therapist guide activities.



Guidance, for every step of the way.


From the first month, where we focus on reducing strain, to subsequent prescription reductions, and all of your vision improvement exercises – you get all the benefit of having your own therapist.


We also offer Web programs, which are semi-custom.  One-on-one will be more effective, giving you speedier recovery, and the opportunity to regain the absolute possible peak of sharp vision that your physiology is capable of.  With over 40 years of experience, we are the best clinic to help meet your recovery goals.


One-on-one is our core offering.


We strongly believe that you will draw great benefit from participating in one of our therapist guided offsite programs.





Web Programs


The Web program is our newest addition.


Web programs allow us to compromise on cost by removing some of the therapist interactions in favor of Web delivery.  Our Web program consists of eye health education, eye strain awareness and eye strain reduction strategies, focal plane correction activities, and customized exercises.  It also includes a therapist-moderated forum to address individual questions.



Access our Web library of vision health education lessons.



We cover nutrition and supplement aspects, managing prescriptions, understanding eyestrain.  A wide range of standard exercises are part of the ever growing library of online vision rehab lessons.



Leverage customized focus exercises.




Use our centimeter measurement system (Android app now available as well) to gauge vision improvements and strain throughout the day.  Input data into your exercise tool to receive customized recommendations for the following set of days.


This entirely unique approach to making vision practice recommendations helps us bridge the gap between one-on-one therapist guidance, and the hands off approach of a Web-based program.  As every myopia case is unique and rehab progress varies widely, this gives you the applications to continue to adjust progress to your needs.



Tools to track your progress.




Feedback is key to progress, understanding how your eyes respond to specific exercises and intensity.


We continue to build tools and log applications to help you meaningfully measure your focusing error, and help guide improvement based on your individual physiology.




On-Site Rehabilitation Options


If off site is not your preference, we can also come to you.


We offer on-site education, seminars, and therapist visits to your location. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


On-site availability may be limited.  We generally recommend to plan ahead at least six months for any on-site engagements with any of our therapists.  We offer trained professionals to meet a several language preferences, currently including German, French, and English speaking therapists.


Please use the contact form to send us an inquiry.  On the contact page you will also find my direct e-mail address.  If you would like to sign up for the introductory myopia rehab course, visit this link and select the ‘basic program’ option.