Get Ready To Get Back To 20/20.  DIY or Structured Approach, Start Here.

jakeroundtinytranHi, I’m Jake Steiner.

Let’s start with the obvious:  Many instances of myopia are not an illness.  (Also, endmyopia is not Bates Method or some eye exercise nonsense.)

But you actually know that by now, hopefully.  You already know that myopia starts out as a strain symptom (referred to as ‘pseudomyopia’ or ‘NITM – near induced transient myopia’ in clinical research), and later becomes lens-induced myopia as you start wearing glasses with increasing diopter correction.

You hopefully also know already that I’ve helped thousands of students learn how to get their eyesight back. 

And even if I just pretend to be magnanimous and selfless (while actually filling all my secret caves with gold bullion), everything I’ve learned I write about in the blog and free guides.  You can find at least 95% of every piece of advice, every how-to, many student reports, and frequently asked questions, without spending a single dime.  This is important and I really want you to be clear on this.  You can start working on reversing your myopia with just the free tools you can find here on the site.  

Maybe you are the type who prefers not to DIY your myopia project.  If you want a structured approach, and personal support from me, and access to thousands of student forum posts, then you want a BackTo20/20 invite. 

Before we get to the invite option though, you’ll have to put my method to the test.

You’ll want to try my approach for a week, first.  You want to look at whether you have the patience, are ready to learn about how to measure your myopia, how to assess eye strain, understand diopters, how to evaluate your current habits. 

What should you expect?  Check out Matt’s progress report from -5.00 down to just -1.25:

Real world results, from sage beardly Jake advice.

My method isn’t a unicorn farming hippie quick fix pill, or “magical better eyesight in a day”.  It’ll take actual work.

After a week of learning the basics, you may find that you’re ready to free-DIY after all and that the free resources will do the trick for you.  Which is part of the exercise, since I only do at most 10 invites for new students for BackTo20/20 per month (not even a marketing angle, this).  If you do the 7-day free course, read all the e-mails and click the links and read and follow along, the automated system will recognize this and put you on the BackTo20/20 invite list.

If invites are available, you’ll get one at that point.

I know.  What a pain, Jake, you say.  Why not just put a sign-up link on the site and be done with it?  

Unfortunately your darling eye guru is a finance wizard and not swayed by potential membership income.  I love supporting students personally, and BackTo20/20 is also my tool to gather data for our natural myopia control study.  And if you read the blog you know how I am, the sarcasm and introversion and all the things you have to put up with.

Started out all professional, this BackTo20/20 intro, didn’t it.

Anyway.  Try the free 7 day course, see if it gives you the confidence boost to use all the free tools I put out here, on the site.  And if not, if you read carefully and really participated, maybe you’ll get that BackTo20/20 invite and I’ll see you over in the forum soon.  😉

Drop in your e-mail below, and get started getting your eyes back: