How’s your centimeter, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /]?

Even just one centimeter of vision improvement has a highly significant meaning.

Let’s explore it, and our attitude toward improvement.  Attitude affects vision improvement progress.  It is less tangible than some of our other work – but celebrating any and all improvements will help you continue to see better.

We know that praising kids helps them perform better.  Rewards encourage performance in humans and animals alike.  Knowing this, you should create yourself some special treats and reminders to create a positive attitude and excitement as you continue to improve.

We had a previous session discussing buying new frames as a special treat.  I believe it was around our first normalized prescription, a good excuse to splurge a bit, try out a new style, reward yourself for having stuck with the program long enough to need a lower eyeglass prescription.  This is now a few months ago, time to revisit the subject of celebrating improvement.

To maximize this aspect, start with a bit of a plan:

  • What are you going to do for yourself, for your next centimeter improvement?
  • Plan a purchase, trip, party, or other reward.
  • Tell your friends / family.  Shared excitement helps build momentum.
  • Write down your latest centimeter improvements.  Make it somewhere visible.
  • Be sure to appreciate every milestone improvement.

Every single centimeter is a victory.  

If you go from 35 centimeters to 36 centimeters, you are winning.  Even if it just happens once, even if you just had it for a minute.  It happened once, it will happen again.  And it will happen more frequently.  Consider, that yesterday your eyes could only focus clearly to 35 centimeters – today, they could do it at 36.  This means that a) you are doing the work correctly and b) that your myopia case is being reversed.  Or rather more accurately, that you are reversing your myopia.

If you can improve by one centimeter, you can improve by ten.

There is no real limit to your ability to improve.  The one centimeter is key, because it shows that you have done all the right things:

  • You reduced strain.  You reduced it enough that your eyes stopped having to compensate.
  • You wear the correct prescription.  If you were overprescribed, you would not be getting better results.
  • You are doing enough exercise.  Without stimulus, no improvement happens.  You are doing it!

Of course the rate of improvement will vary, depending on a wide range of factors.  The next centimeter may take a week, it may take a month.  We covered plateaus recently – if you find yourself there, we need to take a closer look.  Otherwise though, one centimeter might as well be 20/20 – because you are doing all the things you need correctly, and your eyes are responding.

The first measurement improvements probably came more quickly than subsequent ones.  Once we start working on axial myopia, progress does not generally happen in 1 diopter improvements all at once.  Regardless, you get that extra centimeter, you know that there is no limit to how many more you can get – only a healthy physiology is going to respond in this fashion, and it being healthy means that you can continue to use your positive habits to recover the full range of that fundamentally healthy physiology.

So let’s take that centimeter, and each subsequent one, for all that it really means:  Your eyes are healthy.  As you continue to keep strain low, your prescriptions accurate, and stimulus happening, you will continue to have the opportunity to celebrate the next milestone.

Feel free to get creative about improvement milestones.  My personal favorite might be the centimeter cake – a client’s wife, some years back, started making birthday cake style cakes for her husband, but with centimeter numbers replacing age.  He brought them into the office every time.  They had candles, after a while friends started bringing centimeter-birthday cards, it became an elaborate production.  Incidentally, that client had started at -4.75 and these days enjoys 20/20 or better, uncorrected eyesight.  Of course you too can have your centimeter cake (and eat it, too!).

If you have creative centimeter celebration ideas, share them in the forum.

Next session, we’ll talk a bit about diopters and axial elongation of your eyeball.  Until then, think of ways to reward yourself for centimeter improvements!



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