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Have I mentioned that I’m glad you’re here?  Yes, it sounds silly.   Words on a screen.  But I’m genuinely happy that I get to contribute something to your well-being.  I hope to be able to organize more meetups in more places in the future, and maybe be able to put a face to the names and forum posts on my screen.

Meanwhile, you’re getting into those normalized prescriptions.

Now you are genuinely free of the giant suction that is retail, for-profit optometry.  You learned about the true nature of diopters, you measured your own eyesight, you started logging your own vision improvements.  You are at this point wearing a pair of glasses that you yourself chose, based on knowledge you acquired.  No more nebulous “you need these” prescriptions, and being a sheeple in a big profit saga.

Nicely done.  Especially if you started out as a skeptic.

You want to start leveraging that normalized prescription, in outdoor use.  Let’s look at a good starting point with that, today.

Action Items

Take your differential prescription outside with you (or no glasses if you are lower than -3 diopters already).

Go from no glasses for 10 minutes, to differential for 10 minutes, to new normalized.  If possible make it a small walk so you are looking at the same environment, and the same signs around you.  Find a route that has a good mixture of writing along the way.  License plates, street signs, ads, signs on shops, anything with writing.  Stop and appreciate.  Appreciate the blur (yes, blur is actually relaxing if you’re not “stuck” in it), then appreciate a bit more clarity with differential, and then appreciate even more clarity with normalized.

You want to know something pretty excellent?

Before long, your current differential is going to become your normalized.  You’ll see just as well with the differential soon, as you do today with the normalized.

Because of course, your eyes were never broken, like they told you.  It was all just stimulus all along (and strain), and a relaxing, educational, and fun process is getting your sight back on track.  Appreciate the ranges in diopter bubble.  Outside of using your eyes to do work all day, and a vehicle to consume media, take this little bit of time, maybe a half hour or so, and focus your conscious attention on your eyes.

They’re nice to have.

I get e-mails at least 3-4 days a week, with really sad stories of people who lost much of their eyesight.  Surgeries, poor “professional” treatments, all the things that happen with mainstream optometry.  Sad stories, truly.  What can you do, when you really can’t give any advice to someone? Eyesight is never going to come back?

Well … that’s not you.  You have healthy eyes.  They just need a little love, a bit of taking care of.  Go get ourself outside, with that differential and normalized, and appreciate those different focal planes!


– Jake

P.S.:  Forum.  I’m here for you, anytime.  😉

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