We get a lot of e-mails, with improvement reports and thumbs up on the endmyopia process.  I want to post every single e-mail of righteous gains individually.  

Each is well worthy of its own post, celebrate the effort and results.  

Too many though and we’d be here forever posting them all.  So today here is an update post on the improvement e-mails from the last couple days.  Read them all, they all should be offering bits of insight and inspiration!

E-mails and some Facebook posts, too.

Babsi, progress from -6.25 reduced to -4.50:

Christiane, a full diopter reduced:

Dan, 3 diopters reduced in six months:

Jo, -4.75 to -4.00 in three months:


Jodie, an optician, starting out with endmyopia:

A thumbs up from Joy:

Savitha, 1.25 diopters reduced:

Troy, from -4.50 down to -3.25:

Chelsee, from -3.00 to -1.75:

Wow, right?

That’s an intense amount of diopters being disposed of, all over the world, by all walks of life.  Imagine, this is just a few days of e-mails, and how many people are doing the same and just not necessarily writing in about their progress?

Please do keep the reports coming, they’re so important to share and catalog.  Let’s defeat this silly myth of “genetic” myopia!