Matthew Sablan
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Hi Jake,

Thanks for the insightful response. I’ve since had time to contemplate what’s going on as well as gather some measurements.

Over the last 5 days, I’ve averaged out my blur horizon distance to my screen using my -13.00 glasses (where I can still see clearly).

My average distance from my screen is: 61.6 cm

Question: is this a healthy distance from my screen if these were a pair of differentials?

Another thing I did not mention in my first message is that I have a pair of “differentials” that I’ve been using for a while before I joined the 20/20 program. I bought them thinking I understood what diopters I needed because I watched on one of your videos about subtracting 1.25 diopters from my normalized pair… so I got a pair at -11.75.

I took measurements for my screen distance using the -11.75 pair of glasses. Over the same 5 days, I found my average distance is: -48.8cm

(I don’t know if this data helps, but I’m still trying to understand what diopters I should be using for close-up and for distance)

One question I’ve been asking myself is that it appears my -13.00 diopter glasses are under-corrected considering I average 20/30 on the snellen chart… do I need a stronger correction so that it’s clear before I can start reducing down?

Ahhh my brain hurts lol I appreciate your help Jake.