Jake S.
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Interesting about the posture! That makes a lot of sense.

Minus diopters are a tricky thing. Yes benefit of clear vision are many, but also the introduction can lead to eyes / visual cortex adapting in a direction of dependence. So you want to approach their use with all due caution.

I’d go with things like night time use, movies in a dark room, subtitles, etc. Situation where lighting and circumstance are specific and you can try that and learning active focus habits, see how far that gets you.

But then these are personal experiments and everyone will have their own experience. My point just, careful about the benefits of extra clarity and how you implement it.

Also possible, a tiny bit of plus lens use for close-up. Just a +0.50 for maybe 10 minutes or so, then take them off, explore whether that improves centimeters and eye chart results. A little goes a long way with plus, sometimes helpful in jogging the distance acuity a bit.

Not too likely you want or need cylinder. If you don’t experience ghosting or double images in your distance vision, forego that.

Having never worn corrective lenses, I’d lean towards not introducing a focal plane ratio. At the very least start there, minimize the impact of the lens use relative to natural vision. A bit of a ‘bump’ as we might think of it, limiting the use, focusing on maximizing good habits.

Hopefully this useful!