Jake S.
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If she wears full minus glasses, her distance vision will get worse notably.

It’s your call and I can’t advise what you should do in this situation. If it was my child, I’d be looking for social cues. If they recognize people well and their facial expressions, aren’t having issues locating objects, running around, functioning 100% normal, I’d hesitate increasing diopters.

If you wear full minus during close-up, vision will get worse. That is the unfortunate reality.

In the case of many children gradually reducing distance diopters, leads to improving vision. I’m not seeing anything here indicating a log of diopters or activities, along with with full time full minus wear – note that this is not endmyopia practices, so the results won’t be according to our system.

With kids, it’s all about #1 preventing eyesight getting worse and #2 finding small and easy ways to hopefully get some improvement, when you find that window of opportunity.