Jake S.
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Enjoyed the novel, Nate. Detail is better than guessing!

Indeed. Taking it slow, small changes. Visual cortex and eyes are much happier if changes are “under the radar”. It’s a lesson that sometimes is best learned from having first hand experience doing it ‘wrong’. Easier then to appreciate lots of the other things here that many people figured out the hard way, and you don’t need to. 😇

Yes best to space out differential and normalized changes. Get the most out of new stimulus, revisit habits, have the other correction be familiar and relaxed. Less strain, less to worry about.

Every reduction is an opportunity to apply good habits to new stimulus.

Plus over contacts works. I personally prefer just one set of focal plane changers in front of the face, whenever possible. Just less optical quality and optical center alignment and related question marks. It’s more a ‘if you have to’ solution than best case scenario.

Avoid 20/10 vision lenses for daytime situations. Unless you are trying to remind your brain what super clarity looks like, for active focus. Use sparingly.

Otherwise and all, seems like good directions.