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Not necessary this: I’d be tempted to swap the whole thing into minus cylinder. You’ll find most of my advice in general expressed in minus cylinder. Also less ‘high’ spherical expression that way. 😉 In case you feel like it: https://www.aclens.com/positive-cyl-converter

Also of note, curious whether cylinder could be reduced in next differentials. In most cases less astigmatism correction is needed in close-up. Good place to look for reductions, also makes it easier to see at what distance ghosting / double vision becomes more apparent.

It’s a bit of topic since the cyl to spherical ratio is fairly high. Not a problem, just worth looking at if there’s any room there to reduce.

I’d keep spherical equalized in new normalized if the previous ones and differentials are also. Unless strictly necessary, don’t introduce ratios there.

Also wondering about progressives. Do you benefit from those? Look down a lot for close-up? How’s the differential use for close-up?

Generally since focal plane change in one pair of glasses is best when it works for your situation.

Other than all of that, sure reduce spherical. Best to reduce cyl in differential first though. And no diopter ratios. 😉