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MY normalised are:
Left -6.75 (-6 cl which is 6.50 correction ) and -0.25 D glasses on top as there are no quarters in CL
measurment: 14,80-15 cm.
As long as I wore Cl I couldn’t see 3 last Snellen lines. They were italicised.
I patiently kept working on it.

Right -6.00 (-5.50 cL which is 5.75 correction)and 0.25 D glasses

Measurement: 16.70 in artificial light and 17cm and a bit more in daylight

I can see in that correction most 15/20 on Snellen and when I take off my -0.25 D glassess (at 5.75 correction in CL) I see 20/20 but a bit blurry-

My current differentials are: Left-5.25 and Right-4.50

There was a time when I had to take a break from Cl for 10 days and since I didn’t have glasses then I used my first differentials that are 0.5 diopter away from my normalised (left -6.25 right -5.50) I didn’t want to break the habit and I was surprised to discover that my left eye could see perfectly well outside on a sunny day whereas right was all blurry without attempt to focus-nothing, which is strange as in CL 5.75 correction I could see 20/20 ( never wore just tested by taking off glasses) so another quarter down but in glasses and I don’t see the Snellen….

I ordered the normalised glasses , still the same strength -6.75 and -6.00 as I intended to work on my left eye more and I can see 20/20 with my left all of a sudden in glasses and I dont see the way I saw with my right in CL.

The same is outside left now is sharp, absolutely no blurr-sheer pleasure
right is blurry I can’t focus properly in glasses.

I checked the glasses at different optician the strengths are correct, no mistake

I also bought -0.5 diopter Cl and tested my first differentials with CL-as it’s the same strength and it’s a bit better but my right eye has a problem to fousus at a distance outside.
Both glasses were produced in EU and have medical certificates.

It seems that my left eye couldn’t adapt to Cl for fully clear vision-rarely saw clearly in CL but I was told that I’m a bit undercorrected and I have some uncorrected astigmatism.
Now it seems that my right eye can’t adapt to glasseses. It’s been 2 weeks in glasses.
I have astigmatism :Left eye 0.75 cyl Right 1.50 cyl but that was never corrected in glasses or in Cl so it doesn’t seem to be the case.
Has anyone else had that kind of problem?
I hope there is some sort of solution to that…