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My new glasses have arrived- much better. So to clarify, would you suggest using these exclusively for 3-4 months before I start considering differentials?

I think my double vision is strain related, I noticed yesterday if I held a book further away than usual and read it with my glasses on it was nowhere near as bad. Usually I read up close without glasses and then one eye is weaker than the other. This has been going on many years. I also got extremely bad double vision about ten years ago when I went without glasses completely for weeks (had the flu and decided to follow Bates advice) and then put my usual strength contacts in. It took a few days to subside. Plus with it often resetting after sleep, it seems strain related.

So current plan: stick with my new prescription for a few months, lots of distance vision, minimal close-up, then if all is good see if I can get on with differentials and restart the course from there?