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Jake S.
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When I go to lower normalised , again I get times of increadibly sharp focus with a bit of sun I’d define it as perfect. Then the effect gradually wears off and I get the blurr.

–> We don’t know this for a fact, but all evidence available points to the focusing muscle also being able to participate to flatten the eye for distance vision. Plausible if we don’t get enough distance vision regularly, that it then can take “effort” to see at a distance. Muscle gets tired, distance vision gets blurry.

The fix for this is slowly working towards more frequent breaks from close-up, better balance with distance vision time, making distance vision actually relaxing.

That’s one explanation. If you get the experience rather by changing lens types or just lenses in general, the range of other possibilities open up to include a whole bunch of possible causes, related to the focal plane change.

As for diagnostics, I always recommend going somewhere where you don’t pay for glasses, or you have the option to pay for the exam. Ask if they’ll tell you what diopters they put in front of your face, so you can judge for yourself their effect. Better even if they also let you use a test lens kit.

Yes, find a good optometrist. They’re no different than car mechanics or anyone else selling things. Find somebody respectful of your needs and friendly. Don’t take up their whole day, just keep it to what you need.

It’s much better not to get cylinder, unless you really need it.