Christos Angelidakis
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Perfect, Jake! Appreciate your input!

I feel very comfortable with these glasses. However, I have 3 small concerns

1. How do I know if the glasses are “too much” for close-up? (when it’s sunny I can clearly see car plates 8-10 meters away from me)

2. In the evening (when my eyes get tired), I struggle a little bit with reading text on my TV(around 2-3 meters away) I feel my eyes getting tired because I am trying to see clearly. Is this a normal part of the process?

3. My differentials are not equally lower in both of my eyes. Is it still ok to wear my old glasses sometimes?

Apologies for the volume of questions. It’s my first differential and trying to figure out what’s going on 🙂

Appreciate your time, brother! Thank you so much!

PS. Do you offer any online consultation calls?