Cristina Smars
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With the differentials on, I can see 20/200 (the big E only). I can see 1 out of 2 letters on the 20/100 line, and 2 out of 3 letters on the 20/70 line. Those two lines are very blurry.

Yes, I know that I will soon have two pairs of glasses, one differential and one distance. Should I just use these differentials until the next time to get another pair or should I immediately get a closer one for 55-60 cm? I wouldn’t mind waiting because I use these glasses outside when gardening, and I’m surprised by how clearly I can see within a garden hoe’s length.

I can’t access the Log on the drop down menu. Is there a log you have that I can record with?

By the way, the CYL reduction must have been right on because I am not having a problem and my eyes feel great.