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Cristina Smars
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Finally my first differentials are here!! They fit and they look nice and they were the cheapest ones on Zennis and they’re just my style! I can get these frames throughout the whole program!

With the differentials on, I can see 20/200 (the big E only). I can see 1 out of 2 letters on the 20/100 line, and 2 out of 3 letters on the 20/70 line.

My cm is 83cm, wearing the differentials and measuring from the side of my eye socket. Since I’m measuring my cm with the differentials on, should I measure from the lens surface to be accurate?

Since my distance glasses are really old and scratched up and hard to see through, can I wear these differentials most of the time?

I am just about to begin reading the lessons about active focus now that I got my differentials.