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Thanks for the tip for the Eye Que machine.

I have been trying to find out why opticians won’t prescribe a diopter difference of more than 2 diopters. My -9 L subjective refraction was balanced down to -5.5 (actually -3.5 in the recent test) to make it within 2 diopters of the other eye. This meant left eye was so blurry I thought I was going blind. I naively assumed that if I stepped up the diopters it would give me a similar blur horizon and allow me to do active focus with both eyes together. However, I am only just realising that the image I get with the -8 L correction is quite a bit bigger than the -2 R correction. I guess the lens makes it appear magnified (duh). I already knew my left eye image is slightly higher and not quite horizontal, but within 2 diopters, the size difference of the image is not so noticeable. I guess that’s why the -5.5 feels more comfortable?
***However I appear to have made some gains by at least giving the left eye the opportunity to see as well as the right.
***You’re right about dropping gradually despite the centimetre results, as I’m concerned my dominant r eye will just take over and the lazy left will stop improving.
***When the right eye improves to zero I will still have a massive diopter gap, so might as well try and get used to the gap.
***I think I just have to test-lens kit measure every month, or get one of the Eye Que devices, however I don’t always want to correct to 20/20 as my blur horizon isn’t necessarily on this line, so not sure if the Eye Que will help much.
Any more thoughts on this?