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Jake S.
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If you’re not using differentials and don’t need them, keep it that way it’s fine.

No headaches! When you note them, that’s definitely strain you don’t want. You also don’t have to equalize really if eyes are happy where they are and refuse to change, then that’s what we need to respect (for the time being).

You could try to go back to the small ratio and see how that goes. Don’t increase the diopter gap beyond that, just as a bit of an experiment possibly to see how your eyes respond. It’s so often that our biology isn’t the same for everyone, so some listening (watching?) usually tells us what to try next.

Also from about -1.50 or -1.25 you can start not wearing glasses till you feel that you need them. Like a zero diopter reset just more regularly. That usually helps sort out the ‘last diopter’ and the ocular dominance may just work itself out.