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Im willing to be a trial subject for “delete the template” experiments later if I cant get rid of ghosting.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with this “sit in complete darkness to remove ghosting” thing. Look at this:
I sit in a super dark room for 15mins and afterwards the digits look like the first picture (see attachment).
Then I go sit in the livingroom lit by a single candle for 15 mins and afterwards the digits look like the second picture.
I mean, you’d think the difference between 1 and 2 were a 10 hour closeup session. Wtf.
Even though I reduce the ghosting it’s very temporarily. It comes back after 2-10 minutes with any kind of focusing. I even tried 2 hours in the darkness and same thing.
Im thinking it’s eye strain and that my eyes have been completely overworked for a long long time.
From what I can tell after looking at ghosting for 2 years there are multiple kinds:
1. Dropped CYL and VC not adapted.
2. Dropped SPH and VC not adapted.
3. Axial reduction and VC not adapted
4. When you have eye strain 1, 2 and 3 are no longer fixed but is a range depending on the strain.

#4 makes ghosting impossible to fuse. The ghosting changes from hour to hour and from blink to blink. 100+ attempts of “look at the ghosting until it fuses” and 0.0% success.

Checking if alarm clock digits change before and after 15-30mins in (almost) complete darkness might be a away of determening whether or not you have #4 because for me it seems to temporarily reduces ghosting to it’s baseline amount. Tested at least 10 times and it havent failed yet. Other than that, maybe listening to some music or a podcast in complete darkness for a little while after a long closeup session can accelerate the strain removal process.
Those are my takeaways so far.

Im using those alarm clock digits to check eye strain now to see if it works as a more objective feedback mechacnism than how my eyes feel.
I’m starting to notice that several hours of no screens in the evenings is having a positive impact. I relax for 2-3 hours, check the digits and they’re better.
I’ve definitely understimated the strain from watching TV at a distance. I considered it neutral stimulus but 4 hours of TV is not neutral at all.

In other news:
Im doing a full habbit overhaul here. Going through the lessons again too. I’ve finally realized I’ve been too focused on the positive stimulus and not focused enough on reducing strain.
Im keeping it super strict for a while, because if I cant solve the ghosting soon I might rage quit.
No more than 2mins on the phone and only for necessary things. Two one-hour breaks during the work day and no screens after work. It’s a PITA but educational and hopefully all eyestrain soon gone.
Later I’m hoping I can find some way where I can get through work with only a 1 hour break because 2 hours doesnt feel sustainable.