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Have I suggested this playlist yet?  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgB_5pbB86Gh383GV6wdQrbQ8vTiOAj7W

Lacking improvement is usually two things:  

Ciliary spasm and not enough distance time.  No biological shortcoming or mysterious “doesn’t work for me”,  just not quite the right recipe (yet) for making change. At-home eye strain test, important.  You want to figure out if you have a persistent ciliary spasm.  Which means at some point getting enough time away from screens to figure out what your best distance results are.  Great exercise anyway.  On days off from work, keeping away from phone screens, measuring eye chart a few times during the day, really figuring out when your eyes are relaxed, what you can see.  Video explains more. Second part yes, active focus.  If you get enough distance time to get rid of ciliary spasm, you still need some more to focus distance vision. Definitely don’t put pressure on yourself.  Think of this more of a “zoomed out” exploring of your life in general, see where there’s maybe room for enjoying parts of the day, finding ‘me’ time, doing things that are enjoyable that don’t involve screens.  It’s much easier to make vision gains when you have some time to do things you like, that also require some good distance vision.