Jake S.
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Feb 2022 subjective refraction
R/ -2.75 sph / -2.25 cyl x 45
L/ -9.00 sph / -2.75 cyl x 152

Feb 2022 Prescription
R/ -2.75 sph / -2.25 cyl x 45
L/ -3.50 sph / -2.75 cal x 152]

Had to read that twice. Clearly the guy has the right idea, but that’s way too many diopters to change. You’d likely end up with monovision at some point, or just really notable eye strain.

Yes figure out differential first. The less diopter ratio the the better of course, but you don’t want to make it so challenging that you end up with eye strain issues. This is definitely a long game, so just finding a bit of extra centimeter blur distance is key.

I’d use the distance glasses you’re most used to already in the interim. Don’t go changing more than one focal plane at a time. 😉