Patrick Bade
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Contacts vs. glasses, personal preference. Though if you wear contacts, how will you do differentials for close-up?
-> For close-up, I don’t wear contacts or glasses at all – just naked eye. This morning I measured L: 80cm and R: 67cm distance to blur on the PC. I also found active focus easily.
I only wear contacts for outdoors, or watching TV for example.

As for normalized, what are you currently doing for close-up? Did you already go through all the first 30 sessions, sorted out close-up distances, all that?
-> Not wearing lenses for close-up, taking breaks every 20 minutes for 5 minutes, barely using phone any more, then when I go outside I wear my contacts (L: 1.25 diopters, R: 1.5 diopters). They are over-prescribed as I see 20/16 with them. As for the sessions, I am now at session “Get Outside: Easy Plan”, so I’m trying to get to the 1-2 hours outside time. I also begun doing the peripheral awareness.
I would say I sorted out close-up, yes, I have no problems finding active focus and my CMs have already improved.

I know I’m going to be ready for normalized in about 3-4 weeks, so already preparing and trying to find out how to do it the best way with lenses.

Maybe I should wait as CMs might improve further in the next 3-4 weeks?

Would love to hear your opinion on how do drop contact lenses strength for outdoors etc.

Thanks Jake 🙂