Denis Tyurkov
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The reason for condensing is I’ve read to session 30, then I stopped, and want to read summaries or refreshers, so I don’t have to re-read again.

So nothing to do with me rushing things, but more of being efficient. So then I can implement key points into my day to day.

I signed up a while, but have to restart now especially around tracking because I’ve moved countries, had some business problems and a bunch of different things got in a way. Life essentially 🙂

As I’m writing this, it’s evening and I’ve been in front of the computer all day. And so with my glasses, I’m getting about 52-55cm range. I had this setup for a while now, more than a few years. I noticed a while back that a strong prescription makes me tired and isn’t needed.

If I understand ghosting/directional blur correctly, then at a higher distance I experience it. But just to be sure, can you remind me what those are again? And also, how to best differentiate and to take my CM approach – do I exclude the blur and only focus on myopia blur?

So I had astigmatism corrected in my new glasses, and it just feels weird… To be honest, I think I may remove that correction. My contact lenses dont have it corrected either and at -2.5, I feel really good especially on a bright day.