Manuel Molina
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*But then you’re going up half diopter in spherical. Which … definitely since the first one is a guess, might also work.

SPH 2.00 – CYL 1.25
SPH 2.50 – CYL 1.75

–> Are you putting this prescription at the end, the one that I got from using my cm measurements AND reducing cylinder by 0.5, so as to say “order this one right away”? I’m confused as to whether you think I should order this one, or use my current cm measurements with glasses to calculate another one. Also, should I leave axis the same as my current prescription? I have no idea what to do with that one.

*If you did that you’d figure out distance then SUBTRACT 1.5 diopters. Also though use what you have for diopters, instead of going that far out into a guess.
–> If I use my current diopters,
Sphere Cylindrical Axis
Right eye: -1.25. -1.75. 176
Left eye: -1.75. -2.25. 005
I get an average of 43.1 cm. for my right eye and 42 cm. for my left eye. What I don’t understand is how do I adjust my prescription based on this information. So I don’t waste your time, if you said yes to get the prescription I calculated, no need to answer this question.