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Jake S.
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Is it really possible to get a reduction in under a month, with JUST using distance breaks and 20min w/ no glasses daily? (I’ve had differentials for years, these are just the most recent changes).
I know it’s bright out, and I guess I’ll continue to measure, but I think I’ll drop down. If it gets dark again I will use the new glasses as my “normalized” if they aren’t my actual.

–> Initially, sure. It’s easy to make gains just by adjusting some parameters. Strain, big one.

Just curious to know if that’s normal: a 3 week improvement without learning Active Focus but already having differentials (again, just the breaks and distance relaxation every 3 hours).

–> Very much possible. Though for sure finding active focus will be helpful! Hopefully you already found the “active focus link list”. 🙂