Jake S.
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1. Till now i practiced active focus only with texts on my computer…
Should i do it outside the screen as well when spending time outdoors?
The problem is if i dont wear glass outdoors or wear differentials its all too blurry
And if i wear full, there is no blur.. so how to practice distance active focus. Im feeling confused

–> Distance active focus is the #1 key to improving eyesight. Explained in detail in the course after session #30, using normalized glasses to get a distance blur horizon and practice distance active focus.

You need this to improve eyesight.

2. What would you suggest for outdoor time practicing distance vision ..wearing glasses, no glasses or differentials.

–> A lot of the course is focused on this. You need normalized.

3. I havent been using full prescription at all and spending all time with differentials only…will this adveresely affect?

–> Yes it will. This is not the endmyopia method. With only differentials it will be quite difficult to improve. You are literally leaving out 50% of the system.