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Thanks for the input.

I’ve bumped the norms to -2.00 for an hour or two in the evenings a few times lately when watching TV.
It reduces both blur challenge and ghosting and I kind of feel that the visual cortex starts to figure some things out after a while.
That could be an indication of what to do.

One thing that is making me reluctant to increase SPH is that my non-dominant eye seem to have a lot of unrelease potential.
I’ve read close to 20/20 with the diffs on 3 out of the last 10 days. 20/50 naked eye.
It’s due to random DTB jumps in my non dominant eye. My non-dominant eye has caught up and surpassed the dominant eye. In the beginning of EM my dominant eye was trailing the dominant eye by ~5cm. The last few months it’s average 3-5cm ahead with these spikes happening every once in a while, and they’ve happened more frequently as of late. DTB goes from ~45cm to 55-60cm making me see very clearly for a few hours or the rest of the day.

The recent right eye development is throwing me off. The DTB-gap used to be 2-5 CM in favor of the dominant eye. On some days now it’s 15-20 cm in favor of the right eye. Very unsure what to do here. I need to think more about this. For now I’ll keep working on the ciliary spasm and bump norms in the evening when the subitles are annoying.