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Hi Jake

The ghosting hasnt improved much since we last spoke. Maybe 10% improvement but that could just as well be wishful thinking.
I’m close to 6 months on the -1.75s now. That combined with the fact that I’ve had ghosting for almost two years makes me think there’s little chance that more patience will get rid of the ghosting.

The question is, is there any point in making diopter changes when you have ciliary spasm?
ciliary spasm > ghosting > SPH reduction is the order of priorities from what I’ve learned.
I’ve become more aware of the ciliary spasm after you informed me that reduced DTB after distance vision means ciliary spasm.
It only takes 30 mins of outdoor time before it happens.
It also happens when I watch TV. It’s very subtle but 5 mins on the phone after watching TV for a while make the eyes feel less strained.
It even seem to happen when I sleep. Meaning, DTB improves a few hours after I wake up.

I’ve started a distance vision log to see if I notice any patterns. I log DTB before I go outside and when I get back, as well as time spent outside.
Conditions couldnt be worse for vision improvement here in norway though. We dont get full daylight until 10:00 and it starts to dwindle at 14:00, so I have an alarm set for 12:00 to try and get 30-60 minutes of outdoor time in when work allows.
I’m guessing I need to just focus on the ciliary spasm for now and re-evaluate once it’s gone, even if it takes 6 months?