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Hi Jake…m up here after a while as its my wedding next month (that worries me that I dont forget about my eyes…my left dry eye dont let me forget by the way;-) it feels more dry after screen hours)..In last question i ws highly anxious about first differential but it did help in my dry eye too n some strain reduction

I know you have to answer many but want to say that i just cant help falling for my eye guru cum life guru every time(love those tiny philosophical talks of yours) (my biggest depression is this high myopia so feel like a therapist) I cant help myself admiring and appreciating you after each and every session..it feels like you are talking to me sitting in front..n its not just about myopia but u present a way of life..to be aware, to learn that not always costly things are needed, to discover some things on your own etc…my family even knows now its my dream to one day visit USA and thank you with some Indian goodies;-)

I had been doing good initially…but I feel stuck because of 2 things-
1. I am still not able to do active focus .. I mean I dont see the blur clearing up without tilting my head a little..I try to do it but not sure if I’ve gotten it yet.. should i just continue like this or do something to be really sure

2.Snellen- PLease dont be angry but I still dont really know to use the eye chart..I cant see the bottom 2 lines except when sitting right at front (-8 and -7 sph and -3 cyl each in both eye).. I have an idea about the 3rd line but dont know how to keep a log of it…Was wondering to hear from you how to really do it coz I cant read it at the distance mentioned in it..is it just sufficient that i keep track of centimeters?