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Hmm.. now that I think about it, close up at the edge of blur feels more relaxing than being outdoors. I guess you’re right. I’ve just had the issue for so long that I never thought about it as not normal.

Man, endmyiopia is hard in modern life, even for people who prioritize it. I’ve been trying my best to do things correctly for two years and it seems I still mess up the basics.
The biological feedback is so subtle and so delayed that I struggle to notice and interpret it.
It doesnt help that I work as a programmer and stock picking + reading books is my main hobby. Too much time spent reading code, reading quarterly reports and business books. I may not reach 20/20 until I’ve achieved financial independence and can spend as much time outside as I want :p

So, to summarize:
My issues are ghosting and outdoor vision strain
It means SPH gains are not a priority
– keep up / improve close up habits
– 10 mins alarm clock meditation ~every day
– gradually increase out door time
– no patching
– no peak diopter walks
– skip no glasses days and similar SPH gain strategies
– no focal plane changes even though I could handle a diff reduction atm (have to lean back for blur challenge)

Let me know if you disagree with anything.