Jake S.
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I like long versions, always better to have more context. Also super glad you’re enjoying the program, I often wonder and feel a bit self conscious and uncertain when I see new participants (really should add some video chats). 😉

So we’ve got these:

Bought these glasses and have been wearing since June 2019
Left: -6.00 Cylinder: -1.25
Right: -6.00 Cylinder: -0.75

And thinking either of these:

Option 1: Take 1.50 off both eyes and leave everything else the same? Final prescription would be:
Left: -4.00 Cylinder: -1.25
Right: -4.00 Cylinder: -0.75
Option 2: Take 1.00 of astigmatism off my left eye and 0.50 off my right eye. Then I would take -1.50 of spherical off both eyes and add 0.50 to my left eye and 0.25 to my right to account for the astigmatism. Final prescription would be:
Left: -4.50 Cylinder: -0.25
Right -4.25 Cylinder: -0.25

The first round, always a bit of a guess.

I’d say in this case, try taking out half diopter of the cylinder. Maybe -5 spherical, or -4.75. Conservative start, see if the visual cortex and eyes are ok with swiping a bit of that cylinder. 😉