Welcome back, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /].

So right now we are at a bit of a funky point in the program.

While later on I’ll have a pretty good idea where you’re at in terms of progress, right now I have to guess a bit.  Did you already figure out your differential prescription?  Have you ordered it?

Maybe you’re the type to just log in every day and read, without waiting for previous session action items to be completed.

I’m not giving you a hard time.  I’d be exactly that guy.

Some will be good and have waited, and others will be here reading, while key tools are not yet in hand.  So just like back in school, we’ll have to play it save and wait just a little bit for the stragglers.

Let me tell you a quick story today.

All the things you have experienced so far, in these few short sessions, took me literally years to figure out.  They seem so obvious now, and as you go through it, it’ll seem hardly likely that there even would be any other way.

Hindsight, something something.

There’s no optometrist on the face of the planet who’ll tell you about centimeter, even though it’s highly informative.

It took me ages to even think about the diopter, and it’s meaning.  Silly me.

That and the obvious connection about diopter and distance vision.  Remember, more diopters extends the “bubble” of clear distance vision, and less diopters reduces it.  You want to adjust the bubble to your primary focusing distance.  If you are looking at your computer for the next five hours (and please don’t), you want a small bubble of diopter.

If you have a larger bubble than you need, there’ll be some hyperopic defocus, and you’ll be creating myopic stimulus.

If you have a smaller bubble than you need, you’ll be squinting and leaning in, getting neck pain and headaches.  The bubble is a key concept, one that equally took me a whole lot longer than a handful of quick session to figure out.  I’m hoping you’re nodding at this point, thinking … “yup, money’s worth for sure”.

The next big revelation, one that really took me a while to get to, we’ll call “active focus”.

Here’s what’s fascinating about that.

That ciliary muscle, the circular muscle that alters the lens shape in your eye … if you think about it, that muscle is controlled by something.

Involuntary muscle control.  Like your lungs and your heart.

However … guru Jake says, you can gain (somewhat) conscious control over this muscle.  This is pretty trippy, and you’ll love it.

But there’s a catch.

You need to adjust the diopter bubble.  You need those differential prescriptions, so that there’s a “blur horizon”.  (at the far end of your usable distance, there should be a bit of blur) The only way to teach yourself to control that muscle is to have clarity and blur.

This too, the optometrist would shake his head, gravely and disapprovingly.

Bad Jake.  Bad, bad Jake, teaching people the things.

Your optometrist prescription bubble is dialed all the way to maximum size.  There’s no way you could ever have an active focus experience with it.  It’s like having a sprained ankle, and the doctor putting a permanent cast on it, and sticking you in a wheelchair.  That’s those giant prescription glasses for you.

Active focus gives you a key piece to the whole positive focal stimulus game.

And that stimulus is going to take you to ongoing lower prescriptions, improving eyesight, and eventual shedding of those prescriptions altogether.

It’s of course never just easy.  It’ll tale you some trial and error to find active focus.

But … we need those differential prescriptions first.

How long will it take you to get them?  If you still haven’t ordered them, things are getting precarious.  You really don’t want to keep taking sessions without getting those tools.  Otherwise you’ll end up becoming a passive content consumer before long, and you’ll lose the ambition and space to implement these things.

Just saying, in case.  I’d be that slacker.

Think of me as the old Asian Kung Fu master, on the misty mountain top somewhere in Japan.  I’ve got the whispy white beard, and I stroke it disapprovingly.  I’m standing amongst a bunch of tall ancient vases.  I say, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /]-san, you must go down the mountain, and come back with those differential spectacles.

Or you will sleep outside!

Seriously though, let’s get on that.  Order on Zenni, or buy them local, or just get the right plus (reading glasses) over your contact lenses.  Because no joke, next session is going to dive into active focus.  Ready or not.

Cheers, grasshopper.

– Jake-san

Session:  Video Stream

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