Welcome back, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /].

You are hopefully in the midst of lots of excellent experimenting.

In my usual fashion, I loaded you up with what might seem like a lot of things.  Using the lengthy e-mail introduction to weed out the “non-readers” hopefully prepared you for the many new concepts you are learning here.

Truth though, it’ll seem quite simple in hindsight.

The big challenges are all in the first few weeks.  Going out and finding a measuring tape.  Measuring, starting a log.  Getting an eye chart.  Actually getting a lower prescription (big one!). Learning about active focus.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed, this is the time to slow down, make a point to be clear about your goals and reference points.

You want to have fun with this!

By now you should be getting past the initial worry of whether I’m for real.  😉  So then, why stress?

Maybe you aren’t.  There is about a 62% chance that you are, based on my participant statistics.

So if you are stressed, if you are reading through sessions and not quite getting all the action items done, this is for you!


Really.  Relax.

I went through a an epic bit of world travel and data gathering and experimenting, well over 10,000 hours of work.  I did, so you don’t need to.

I didn’t have fun with it.  (at first)  I missed out on some of the best parts.

I mention this in the blog sometimes.  Your eyesight improves like a snake sheds its skin.  (or a crab changes shells, if you are weary of snakes).  One day your lower prescription is a bit blur, then some time later it’s a bit of double vision.  And then one day you wake up, and things just clear up noticeably.

It will happen.  I promise.  Rest on my promise.  Take my word for it, just temporarily, just this once.

It’s an adventure.  I’m giving you the treasure map, the tools.  I’m giving you a decade of track record.  I know you’ll get there.  So you might as well relax into it, knowing that all these things are introduced at the right time, for the most practical reasons.

So if you need to go back to previous sessions, do it.  It’s all about having the experience properly.

Get those centimeter measurements.  Experience the Snellen.  Ask me questions in the forum about prescriptions.  You’re not out there on the ledge in some Internet “thing”, wondering if it’ll work.  You’re in good hands, and you might as well look back at it all one day with a smile, remembering all the fun you had figuring out what prescription you need.  And who will sell them to you.  And what kind of frames you picked.  How active focus really was an elusive little bastard!

The outcome will be the same.  Don’t be like me, gritted teeth, questioning and worrying.  You paid me well enough.  This is the proper all-answers-are-here solution.

And if you’re perfectly on track and having fun every day, super well done!  I’m envious.

Action Items

1.  Habits.  You need them.  If you’re going to be hard on yourself about anything, have it be habits.  (and don’t be hard on yourself.  just get the habits)

2.  Active Focus.  Focus on this.  If you don’t have it yet, that’s quite ok.  Just push a bit into blur, blink, see if anything changes in the image.  Any change means that your eyes are looking for a better answer than just “blur”.  That’s all you can ask of them.  Remember, they’re new to this whole demanding-focus business.  Appreciate any change in blur.  Try little blur, try more blur.

And let me know if you’re stuck.  I check the forum most mornings, to make sure you’re having a grand time here.

Are you, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /]?  I really do hope so!


– Jake

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