Hopefully you have settled into a bit of a routine by now, having your daily exposure of blur, focal plane exercise, and outdoor time.

We added a little bit of supplement suggestions the other day, keep in mind that there is no benefit to overdosing on carrot juice. Much of the time the details matter, follow as closely as you comfortably can.

Today we want to start extending the focal plane exercise during close-up work to 45 minutes, if you can comfortably do so:

See if you can get close to 45 minutes a day, in pushing yourself from the screen into a bit of blur, and using active focus to clear it up.

This will eventually become solid habit.  To build it, we want to get a bit more time of that now, so you get used to working a bit for focus.  This can be in the background, as you work.  Anytime you think of it, push back, blink, get some blur to come into focus.

As always, this is a slow process, there is absolutely no need to rush or push hard.

I like to set myself a little reminder timer on my computer, because I will definitely forget about focal plane when I get immersed in work. And yes, I too do this type of exercise, to counter the strain of spending too much time on the computer … especially lately, with this new program.

The other exercises, for now, just focus on putting them on your habit list.

Just like brushing teeth, over time this will build into an awareness which will remind you if you deviate and strain your eyes too much.

While outside, take a moment to experience the difference between wearing glasses and not wearing them. There is a sense, much like taking off a backpack after having worn it for a few hours. You may not initially be aware of it, sometimes my pointing it out helps the discovery process along. It is a feeling of relief, but with that sense that your body is complaining about the prior stress. I use the backpack analogy since you may stop being aware of its burden after wearing it for a few hours – but as soon as you take it off, there is that almost mildly uncomfortable sense of relief.

Appreciate the change in clarity when you put on and remove your glasses.

There is an immediate significant chain of reactions in your eyes and brain as you do this. The ciliary muscles adjust instantly, trying to find focus, the visual cortex attempts to compensate for the sudden loss of sharpness, in the most intangible sense your retina wants to change its axial shape right at that very moment.

Retinal activation changes significantly, as the rods and cones in your periphery are transmitting a signal of coherent resolution to your core focus (even if blurred) to your visual cortex. Though blurred, your field of vision is suddenly expanded significantly (though we haven’t trained for you to bring this into your awareness).

Taking off your glasses is an explosion of signal changes, and our morning exercise is one of the many that we are using to become aware and leverage this change. Your eyes don’t rebuild just by spending hours of focal plane exercise, looking through that differential prescription – it is a key exercise, but the AWARENESS component can make as much as years in difference (when we look at time to full recovery).

Action Items

1.  Set yourself a reminder to push focus while working.  If you just get 5 minutes at a time, you’re doing great!

It’s simply a matter of taking a few minutes while you work, read, or type to stay in a bit of blur and blink (active focus) to clear it up.  10-12 times a day is more than enough, and will become barely noticeably as it becomes habit.  This will help build the habit of staying at the far end of your close-up focal plane, and get some stimulus.

2.  Increase awareness of how you feel when you take off your glasses.  Be aware when you put on your glasses.  Awareness of blur and focus, and how you feel about both, is important.

Part of what all those years of big prescriptions trained out of you, is awareness.  We want to get that back.

You’ll be able to leverage this awareness over time to appreciate increase in clarity, and relax into some blur.

More on that, soon.

Well done so far,[s2Get user_field=”first_name” /]!


– Jake

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