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Have you seen Johnny’s compendium of progress, over in the blog?  -4.75 to -1.75.

Check it out.

I feel like grandfather Jake right now, wanting to tell you how hard I had it.  Back in the day.  For me to improve my eyesight, sonny, you don’t even want to know what I went through.  Barefoot in the snow.  Uphill both ways.  Old Chinese ladies poking needles into my face.

These days all you have to do is sign up, hop in, and Santa Jake gets you sorted.  Nice!

What thrills me most about Johnny’s experience, is how he wrote it all up.  Took the time to post it.  I realize that you spent money to get here, but my real reward is to see Johnny’s story.  It has to work for you, for me to feel good about spending the time here.  These things still keep me up at night.  Are you getting enough motivation?  Are the sessions brilliant, are you looking forward to reading the next one?

You might think it’s just words on a screen, but I think about these things.  A lot.

Right now we’re getting really close to changing your distance prescription.  It’l be your first ever LOWER prescription.  Since you started with losing your eyesight, since you got into that optometrist sanctioned “treatment”.  That should feel amazing, figuring out your lower prescription values, getting that ordered, the first time putting those on.  It’ll be a major, serious, definitive accomplishment.  The first of a whole string of them.

How many prescriptions did Johnny end up buying?  A lot!

And once you have that first one, you start checking your Snellen chart results.  Keep a log.  Keep an eye on close-up centimeters.  Till the time comes for that second reduction of distance.  Brilliant experiences.  Even if you’ve got sherpa-Jake, you’re still climbing your very own mountain.  One definitive turning around of your health.  Something we don’t get to experience a whole lot in life.

But hey.  You’re not just here to read fluff talk.

Action Items

Check your eye chart results, with your current full prescription.

Compare your starting centimeter, with your current max centimeter.

Just for fun and experimenting, try the eye chart with your differential prescription.  Push some focus.  See what you get with it.  Write down a quick note.  (you’ll appreciate this at a later date)

Take the chart outside.  Try it in some nice, shaded natural outdoor light.

You know about all those studies that show how effective placebos are at healing people?  Attitude counts.  You feel good about it, you take the time to consciously appreciate even small steps of progress, it primes your brain to give the thumbs up and participate.  Of course our prescriptions here aren’t placebos.  But observing yourself succeeding, sets you up for more, continued, ongoing success.

Nice work!

Feel free to drop a line in the forum anytime.  Always interested in new participant stories.


– Jake

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