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Better Eyesight: Become A Member of BackTo20/20. 84 Structured Sessions, Lifetime Access, Direct Support With Uncle Jakey For All Your Questions.

Get the full course at a 25% discount (with prior Le Rough Guide purchase).  Here’s all you’ll want to know about the program:

You’re here, seriously thinking about making a change for the sake of your darling eyeballs. A worthwhile goal and something that I can hopefully help you accomplish. I think you’re in the right place. And before we get on with the actual important parts, the answer to the most common burning question is … 99 74 USD. Yes, if you jump in for a proper BackTo2o/20 membership, you’ll end up spending $99 $74 a month on getting your eyes back. (or a single payment with a big discount) But any of that, only if I’m right and what I promise works for you. Otherwise you don’t pay anything.

First and most important: Your membership helps support endmyopia. Actually your membership makes endmyopia possible, since it’s suprisingly rather quite expensive to run this resource. In return for helping me pay video animators, software developers, lawyers (yes, those too), guys doing media outreach, the server guy, the accountant, all the fun hosting bills and software subscriptions … well, your contribution means I don’t have to pay it all out of my own pocket. And in return I put together all the key bits of what makes endmyopia the only truly effective way to really reduce your diopter dependence, in the easiest possible way. You’re not having to dig through my 1,200 articles, you don’t have to watch all my cringe videos (but of course you can if you like, plus I have a whole bunch of videos not available to the freeloaders).

No wondering if you picked the right diopters or whatever else is confusing you, because you can literally just ask me. I appreciate your supporting endmyopia, and I created this program many years back (and tweaked hundreds of times since) to really make it worth your while. That out of the way, let’s talk about BackTo20/20 stuff. We don’t do eye exercises, or complicated activities. We will make tiny adjustments to your habits, built into little 20 minute sessions, will get you all those results you’ve read about already. You’ll love it! (or at least find it passably useful)

*all student comments on this page can be found in our Facebook group!

Quick note on some new rules: 1) You must be at least 25 years of age to sign up. 2) Credit card or Paypal account must be in your name. No exceptions. 3) No payments from Hong Kong accounts / local residents. 4) I reserves the right to review and approve or decline any registration. An invite does not automatically guarantee membership! Also, if you are dealing with any vision related medical conditions (cataracts in particular), this program may not be for you. Likewise diabetes may impact potential for results. Please contact me before signing up to make sure this approach will make sense for you – and do realize that I can not give advice related to medical conditions.

*Why the new rules? BackTo20/20 membership is meant to improve the course through feedback and solid participation. We ultimately want a program that can be used by optometrists and industry professionals. Your participation is meant to be mutually beneficial – you learn how to recover your eyesight, and we get to improve the course via your questions, progress reports, and feedback. The invite system and time window is necessary for me to be able to manage invites both fairly and efficiently. Not a marketing thing, just a limited-hours-in-the-day thing.

.Le Rough Guide vs. BackTo20/20

Le Rough Guide is a community created summary of all the basics you need, without having to read all of the 1,200 articles on the Website.  It serves as sort of glossary and organizer for the giant resource that is

BackTo20/20 is different: The course runs entirely separately from the site, and from the free articles.  Every session, all content, all the timing and step-by-step implementations, tailored only to the course.  No duplication of the free site contents or links.  Plus access to the private member support area, where I answer your questions (nearly) 365 days a year.

 Hopefully you already found Le Rough Guide useful as an index of endmyopia.  If you liked it, you’ll love BackTo20/20!

Not the bare bones version either, but the one with the 30+ bonus videos included.

20 Minutes To Success

We covered that not many out there know what they’re talking about. But even if they did, they still wouldn’t get you to better eyesight.  Why?  Because every one of the (rather few) insightful avenues I ever found, totally forget that .. you also have a life. You’re not going to quit your job and move up to Jake’s misty mountain top eye retreat ashram.  Really, speaking long term, you aren’t even going to spend 10 minutes a day, three months from now, doing an exercise. That’s why they’d all fail regardless.  One has to not just understand the eye, and how to change it, but also how to change the people who have those eyeballs in their heads.  (that’s you)

BackTo20/20 assumes that you don’t have time to spare. I assume that you’ll take 20 minutes to learn for a while, while it’s all new and exciting.  I assume that after that time (many many months of testing narrowed that time to about 8 weeks for most people), you’ll probably get distracted by all the other things going on in your life.

Myopia, vanquished.

So here’s what I did.  I know I have an approximate eight week window (give or take, some take it slower and make up for it with a longer attention span). In that eight weeks I’m going to teach you what I learned in about 620 weeks (or over 10,000 hours, but who’s counting .. and that’s not actually counting the years since, learning from participant experiences, and also the eight months tweaking the program itself). I’m going to put into eight weeks, in simple 20 minute sessions, a real “guru-level” of insight for you. But enough with the promises.


How BackTo20/20 Works

Use stimulus and strain knowledge to beat myopia. You already know that glasses aren’t the answer, and that myopia is part strain, part lens-induced.  I won’t get into all that again, here. But what about the alternatives?  Eye exercises are nonsense.  Bates doesn’t apply to modern lens-induced myopia.  Vitamins might make your eye lashes silky smooth, but they won’t fix the eyeball’s axial length or relax your focusing muscle. There are a few who focus on the glasses.  Which, that’s the right start (for amateurs). But they’re still wrong. Your eyesight happens where?  In your eyes? No.

Your eyesight happens in your visual cortex.  It happens in your BRAIN.  And even the part of your eyeball that’s receiving the focused beam of light, the retina, is actually not part of the eye – it is part of the brain.

Dealing with the full picture, we must.

It’s true.  Biology fact.  Retina, connected by the optic nerve to the cortex, is part of the brain. So while some guys are obsessing about plus lens therapy or not wearing glasses, they’re still entirely missing the point.

The point which is, we have to talk to your brain, your visual cortex, about the problem you’re having. The problem in part created by glasses, and now fully obscured from the brain by the glasses. We will deal a lot with diopters, no question.  But while some do what seems the same as I do and still get only marginal results, my clients (that’s you, shortly) get real, tangible improvements.  Because we (you) get it.  Diopters, stimulus, the whole lot of what we’ll cover in the sessions, targets your visual cortex first, and your eyeball second. I’m the eye guru, lacking a lot of false modesty, because I understand the real problem.  I’ll earn the title by teaching it all to you, in simple 20 minute sessions, and leading you to action and better eyesight.

And if I’m wrong?  Send a quick e-mail to the impartial, not-ruled-by-me refunds department, and they’ll send you your money back.  No questions. But I’m not wrong.  😉

And here in BackTo20/20 you learn how to get these gains.

The First 30 Sessions

Your problem, the one that isn’t going to go away, is your eyes staring at screens, better part of every day. Fixing your eyesight, considering that we can’t remove the root cause of it, would seem basically impossible. It’s like you saying “hey Jake, I’m going to keep eating pizza, get me in shape.” Because it’s such an involved bit of magic (fixing a problem without fixing the problem), we dedicate the better part of 30 sessions to it. You have to absolutely be able to look at screens all day, without your eyes getting worse.

And actually, which now verges on the absurd, you want your eyes to get BETTER, while exposed to the problem. I’ve got all that for you. Yes, keep your office job. Look at screens all day. I’ll still get you better eyesight.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these in our Facebook group alone.

How do we do it? I’m not going to preach. I’ll teach you things, instead. The what’s, and the why’s. And the how’s. Remember the measurement e-mails? A bit like that. A real, simple, tangible activity, and then ways you will use that to start working your eyes around the strain. There are guys out there who desperate try to copy the @endmyopia method. You may have read about “plus lens therapy”. Like a monkey stealing your car. Rather than just beating tools onto rocks, I’ll show the real meaning of things like plus lenses.

How focal plane creates the wrong, or the right kind of stimulus. How you test what you need, how you do it, and then how you quantify whether it’s working. A whole lot of the main issue that got you into glasses in the first place, covered in the first 30 sessions. We’ll get into close-up a lot, sorting out how to still have your daily screen time but this time, while not having all that eye strain. Differentials! A core subject of the first 30 sessions, with a whole lot more than this 2 minute video to get you into them correctly:


And we’ll always come back around to what really matters. How all these things affect your visual cortex, the brain behind the curtain, pulling all the strings. How we’ll give the right sort of inputs so that your brain makes the right kinds of decisions.

Did you know that your minus lenses completely surpassed the feedback loop that would tell you about eye strain? All you’ve got left right now is random headaches and neck pain, and dry eyes. It’s a gag, those glasses you’re wearing. We’ll fix it all, and then you’ll look back and think “gee, this was really all rather simple.” Which makes me less amazing in your future hindsight. Just remember though, part of the whole genius of this is that I not only make it look easy, but I make it be easy (for you).

And yet another DMV exam passed.

In 30 sessions you’ll never have to worry about a higher diopter number again. But we’re just getting started.

The Next 30 Sessions

The second 30 sessions are all about what you will do, when you no longer have to worry about close-up destroying your eyesight. By that time you should consider yourself a “guru in training”.  It’s all really obvious by now, I’m just filling in the blanks.

We’ll talk a lot about distance vision.  How distance vision is the tool to create the stimulus that tells your visual cortex that you need those eyes to provide more distance focus ability.  That your eyeballs are possibly too long, and need some axial change. You won’t just be reading.  You’ll experience these things. You’ll notice double vision, multiple clear images, where before there was only blur.  You’ll actually witness your brain adjusting along with your eyes, and having to “recalibrate” your vision.  It’s going to be, quite possibly, one of the more amazing experience you’ll have (if you appreciate your body, and pay attention to your senses).

The ballgame will change completely, as you start to use your glasses as a crutch, as a tool to induce stimulus, to get you just enough and make your eyes work for the rest. And yes, you’ll realize it’s all so shockingly simple, and I’ll have to fend for you to keep giving me some credit.  I’ll have to remind you that you came here some months ago (as in, today), and you didn’t know the first thing.  You trusted the optometrist, and you believed that your eyes were broken.  You were resigned to a life behind glasses.

Everything seems easy in hindsight, easy after you conquered the beast (or just the optometrist).

Game changing, getting your eyes back.

And you know … sometimes readers give me a hard time about all the 20/20 gains reports I post on endmyopia. We have thousands and thousands of improvement reports, all the way from high diopter myopia with significant reductions, to low myopia and completed 20/20 results.  I’m immensely proud of all participants and every single report tells a personal story of victory, success, taking action, overcoming skepticism and inertia and excuses and procrastination. I share a few of them with you here to help you get excited.

Barely scratching the surface of course, but just think … how cool will it be to add your own success story to the site? Priceless!  (or well … rather there is a price tag if we count my support and this program, but that makes it still aaalmost priceless)

.Even More Sessions

I am still adding things from time to time, to this day.  Things you’ll want to try out, things that may keep you motivated.  Things that you, the future expert, will be able to make sense of, and experiment with.

For example, I’ve got this somewhat mind blowing activity you HAVE TO experience.  It only works at dusk, it only works once you did all the other things, and it works best if you have dusk, and neon lit signs.  And it works best if you already had at least two diopter reductions successfully completed. That’s why it’s in the “extra” sessions, since .. yes, that’s a bit of a specific scenario. But in that scenario, after you did all sorts of work already, been improving your eyesight, you might be able to get as much as a full diopter of better vision.  As in instantly, in a matter of 30 minutes, your eyes “snap” into a whole diopter better vision. Not fair to bring that up now.

All I’m saying is .. this is a whole lot more than just some “Internet course”.  This is proper awesome-level stuff. And remember, it’s all about habit changes.  And I’m here to support you all along the way, one reduction at a time.

Every one of these reductions will feel like a real victory over your myopia.

Support: Your Personal Guru

All those sessions are on a timer.  You can’t skip ahead. Sure, I could put it all in a book.  In fact, I’ve done that.  You know what? Doesn’t work. A bit part of what you are getting here isn’t just the “what”.  This only works if you apply it all, if you make new habits, if you do all the things, in order, at the right time.  Trust me on this, there is so, so much failure, without the correct approach.  I’ve seen tons of it, back when I tried to make it a book-format.  Worst thing ever. But do it right, it’s easy.  The timer, simple as it is now, was a total revelation in better therapy. But also, I’m not putting this up and then going on forever-vacation.  Nice as it would be. You’re going to have questions.  You can see the support forum on the site now, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of support I give on a daily basis.  Once you complete the sign-up on this page, you can read all the support forum threads (nice!).

I give you the keys, with your membership.  Drop in on the forum any time.  Mi casa, su casa.  Ask me whenever you get stuck. That all by itself is a huge value. You can also get the proper guru level membership, and see me in-person.  I’m not hiding (I’m just a tad expensive, and overbooked).  But if you don’t want to spend that much money, the forum gets you Jake-time just as well.

Quick Note:  We have participants from more than 25 countries.  We keep things in English here, to keep my brain from getting fried.  I can speak five languages fairly fluently, and muddle my way through another four.  In some very specific cases I’ll help in languages other than English, if need be. I also keep the group small and manageable.  No more than 8 invites per month, going for quality and a sense of community, rather than huge numbers.

Myopia is a choice (not a great one, either).

And think of this, truly.  How many pioneers in any field can you personally ask for help? And sure, I’m not super special.  I refer to myself as the librarian, basically the one collecting these thousands of experiences, tweaking the approach, applying feedback and best practices.  But usually guys in this position write a book, or put out some course, but they usually definitely don’t stand behind their ‘product’ with real one-on-one support. Seriously.  Which of your favorite authors or creators can you message right now, today, and have a detailed answer from, by tomorrow?

This isn’t some sales pitch.  I don’t even know how much longer I’ll be doing this, the personal support part.  At some point I’ll let advanced students do it, or maybe just have students rely on course materials only.  It takes so much time out of my day, every day (7 days a week, no holidays).  I love to be involved for now but for sure the day will come when people say, “hey remember back when you could just contact Jake directly for definitive answers?”. That day is coming.  For now and if you’re serious about eyeballs, take me up on this offer.