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    Cleo Wong
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    Two questions:
    1. Does when I go for outdoor time matter? I go for an hour long walk either during lunch or during zoom meetings. So after the walk, I pretty much go straight back to working in front of the computer.

    2. The sun is only out from 8:30 to 4:30 now a days. It is completely dark by 5. It’s also 5degC and pissing rain. Did you know that Vancouver’s longest rain record is 46 consecutive days? Any advice of what to do to get “outdoor” time when physically going outdoor is miserable.


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    • Jake S.
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      Anytime is a good time for outdoor walks! 🙂

      That sucks about Vancouver. Malls will do. Or even anything that gets you to see your surroundings “non statically”. Meaning, not a screen, you’re moving around, distances change, you’re having to pay attention. Could be bowling or ice skating or or anything creatively being in different spaces.

      I feel for you. That really sounds like a rough winter time.

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