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We offer a range of courses, including great free options. ❤️

Get Much More With Membership: 50+ Shortsighted Podcast episodes. 200+ Pro Topic videos. Private forum, 4,000+ daily active members, 60,000+ monthly views. BackTo20/20 with 84+ course sessions, personal support with Jake.

Current Program Options

⭐️ Free: Jake Steiner’s Myopia Control Guide

  • 7 days, 7 lessons
  • Science, biology, studies, reality vs. “it’s genetic” claims
  • Learn how to self-measure your eyesight and myopia
  • Interpret centimeter distance and eye strain
  • Facebook group (27,000+ members) access
  • All the tools to get you started on your journey
  • Join our 228,000+ participants

⭐️⭐️ Core Concepts: Le Rough Guide

  • It’s The Original “Rough Guide”, Framework Of All Endmyopia Core Concepts
  • 11 Chapters With Links Throughout – Site & Wiki References
  • Member Created With All The Things That Helped Them Most
  • Includes Le Meow Forum (60,000 Monthly Visits) Membership
  • Includes 50+ Full Shortsighted Podcast Episodes

⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Full Course: Get Back To20/20
Full Course. Support From Jake. Everything included.

  • Our Core Program For The Past 10 Years Running 🏆
  • 20+ Week Program
  • 84+ Structured Sessions Covering All Steps
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • Includes Le Meow Forum (60,000 Monthly Visits) Membership
  • Includes 50+ Full Shortsighted Podcast Episodes
  • Includes 200+ Pro Topic Videos
  • Includes Rough Guide & Measuring Guide
  • Includes Astigmatism / Cylinder Management
  • One-On-One Support With Jake (via support forum)
  • Optional: Child Program Add-On (no extra charge)
  • 60 Day Easy Refund Guarantee

Updated 2024 Edition 👀

Child Myopia Control (Add-On)
For Myopic Parents With Myopic Children

  • 6+ Week Child Program Sessions
  • Tailored To Complement The Adult Program With Child Specific Activities
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • One-On-One Support With Jake

No Cost (With BackTo20/20)

Mini Guides: Learn How To Measure Myopia
All You Need To Understand Diopters, Buy Glasses Online

  • Three part mini course to learn how to self-measure your myopia
  • Includes detailed explanation of centimeters, diopters, and eye charts
  • Video guide on myopia measuring basics
  • Learn how to quantify progress, know when to reduce your diopters
  • Includes diopter measuring tape & eye chart files (to print)
  • *Included Free With Full BackTo20/20 Course

Included With BackTo20/20

Prevent & Reverse Myopia Post LASIK
Had LASIK? Now BackTo Needing Glasses (or the dreaded ‘touch up’)?

  • 14 Week Program To Help Stop Myopia Recurrence
  • 40+ Structured Sessions On How To Reverse Post LASIK Myopia
  • Text & Video Sessions
  • One-On-One Support With Jake
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee

The “Last Diopter”: Conquer Your Low Myopia
Less than 1.5 diopters? This is the course to get rid of those.

  • 14 Week Program To Address The Low Myopia Case
  • 40+ Structured Sessions To Help ‘Lose’ The Last Diopter
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • One-On-One Video Chat With Jake
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee

Managing & Reducing Astigmatism
For special cases – cylinder correction only.

  • 10 part course specifically designed for astigmatism-only* cases
  • Works for most cases of lens-induced astigmatism (no medical conditions)
  • When & how to reduce cylinder correction for close-up and distance
  • Managing blur & double vision, leveraging stimulus, understanding strain

*If you also have spherical diopters / myopia, the main BackTo20/20 course is the best option.

Throw Away Your Reading Glasses
The ultimate course to reduce your plus lens diopter dependence.

  • 12 Week Program To Reduce Reading Glass Dependence
  • 30+ Structured Sessions Covering Presbyopia Management
  • Includes Text & Video Format Sessions
  • One-On-One Support With Jake
  • 60 Day Refund Guarantee

General Inquiries
Getting In Touch With Jake

  • For questions about courses
  • For general questions about eyesight (note: no consults / troubleshooting*)
  • Other Business Inquiries

*Please note: Due to a very full schedule, I’m not current available for troubleshooting consults (outside of courses), or one-off cases. I also can not provide personal support for child-only myopia scenarios (with non-myope parents). Too much there depends on specific age, parenting style, schooling, etc. I try to provide as many tools and resources as I can to help you self-asses, and we do have a large supportive community to use for feedback and ideas.