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    Andrea Bell
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    Me: -7.5L, -7.25R, 0.75 cylinder both eyes, 53F. Lifelong myopia, father going blind from a really bad case of it, he has multiple eye disorders etc. Prescriptions will be formally re evaluated by my (supportive) optometrist in about a week.

    I’ve been in the program for exactly a month now (this is my second go-around. First try was about 6 years ago and I pooped out, wasn’t ready yet).

    Because I’d enrolled before I already had a normalized of -6.75 (both eyes) including cylinder correction.

    I’ve been using a -5.75 both eyes for differential, no cylinder correction.

    3m Snellen outdoors on my shaded patio is that I can usually read the 20/20 line with some blur, with my current normalized. This will vary a bit with strain, fatigue or if the light is getting grey.

    Centimeter measurements are typically around 17cm blur horizon. However they have begun to just barely flirt with moving upwards. For example, I went to an event all morning that was outdoors, with a lot of distance looking. Got back and measured (in optimal daylight, to be fair) 18.5cm, my new “happy eyes) cm measurement. (18 in each eye, 18.5 both)

    It’s been around 18cm several times now, but is usually around 17. At night with tired eyes in less than ideal light it’s tended to be between 15-16cm. It would get down to 13-14 when I was straining them and thanks to this program I’ve learned how to not do that.

    Been doing really good at taking breaks. I’m still making sure to stop closeup after 20-25 minutes, heck with the 40 minutes, I really don’t wanna push it. Also I tend to rest my eyes at night under foam blackout goggles (no pressure around the eye orbits) and my eyes really seem to like that.

    Increased my outdoor time by quite a bit. I’ve been wanting to do that anyway. EndMyopia has given me the push in that direction that I’ve needed.

    Overall my eyes are FAR more relaxed. I used to have aches in the top exterior eye muscles and now I rarely rarely have that.

    I also managed to set up my office so that my Zoom meetings are on an external monitor about 10 feet away from me; and it’s right next to a lovely picture window. I am looking into the distance and practicing active focus on street signs outside, by just looking ever so slightly to the right. This makes my cm measurements pretty happy.

    Since I already had the normalized I have been wearing them pretty much all of the time (except for driving or for close up work). That’s what I’ve been wearing to practice active focus, mostly.

    Active focus:
    I feel like it’s starting to come in—-I think—-but it’s still pretty shaky.

    I’ve done the bit where I’m trying to clear up the blur and I can feel the muscles inside my eyes working to try to pull things in more clearly. However, after watching a bunch of videos here and reading the posts I figured out that wasn’t the way to go—-the active focus isn’t THAT active. It’s more like passive focus, wherein I (the eye owner) am more passive and my eyes are active on their own accord, responding to my request “hey, let’s look at that cool thing over there”. I think???

    I haven’t been doing a lot of near work active focus…..I guess mainly because I forgot. I like looking in the distance more, because it makes me feel that I’m healing the myopia. So that’s mostly where I’ve been trying to find the active focus. My eyes really don’t like screens much, so I don’t feel that’s the place for me to find my near active focus—although I think once I have it down more, they’ll be able to practice it on screens. . Been doing it close up with nicely printed text books when I think of it. I think I need to do more of that.

    Is there anything you would suggest adjusting here, in what I’ve been doing?

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    • Jake S.
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      Sounds to me like you’re on track!

    • Andrea Bell
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      Okay, so today I’m sitting on my front porch, just slightly farther than the 3m distance from my Snellen chart. Ambient outdoor light is good, and as I relax and gently look at my eye chart, inviting my eyes to see it more clearly…I can tell that my eyes are indeed starting to do active focus. It clears up, kinda wobbles, clears up again, etc.

      A few questions:

      1. So there’s basically near active focus and distance active focus. I’m guessing I need to continue growing my capacity to do both, and everything in between. Does it matter which one I start with? My eyes seem to like distance active focus better. Have you seen people build that, and then transfer that skill to close up like text?

      1a. And the reliable capacity to do active focus grows stronger with time and practice?

      2. If I understand active focus correctly, the EYES are more active whereas the human is more passive. And the sequence is something like this: Relax, look at something around the blur horizon, gently want to see it more clearly, without forcing it…and wait for my cortex to actively clear up the bit of blur. Don’t stare at the blurry thing (that creates tension), just gently move eyes around and gently want/wait for the blur to clear up. Is that how it works for most people?

      3. Difference between distance active focus and clear flash: Clear flashes just kinda happen, whereas active focus has some intent: “I’d like to look at this thing, I’m really curious about this thing.” Also, clear flashes tend to happen without lenses, whereas active focus tends to happen through normalized (or differentials if it’s during close up work). Both are useful, going in the right direction……and perhaps active focus is more useful because that’s really what we want to restore: our eyes’ ability to look at something and deliberately clear it up when we want to see it correctly. Is that correct? Am I missing anything here?

      4. Is the long term effect of active focus kinda like a good year in the stock market? What I mean is like this: It’s blurry, you clear it up, it’s blurry, you clear it up…… like a line with thousands of these little peaks and valleys. Then when it stays clear, then you scoot the stimulus back just a hair…so there’s these little peaks and valleys rather than a straight line upwards “Voila, it’s perfect!” But then over time, these little pushes and pulls of focus, drag your *average* baseline “up”, that is, away from myopia and towards clearer vision.

      Is that it?

    • Jake S.
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      1. Yes. Follow what your eyes enjoy. Close-up is perhaps more common but distance active focus is what actually improves your eyesight.

      a) yes.

      2. Pretty much. Everybody describes it in their own way. A bit of blur becoming less blurry after blinking, is what you want. No strain, just relaxed, easy, and building a habit.

      3. Yes. Clear flashes are cool but not easily reproduced, reliable, or all that productive for ongoing progress. Enjoy it when it happens.

      4. Basically. There is almost always a bit of ‘extra’ available with acuity if you pay attention. At some point it’s just a habit and when eyes adapted fully you need a bit lower diopters to get that blur horizon again.

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