From Eye Guru & Guide to 1,000’s of Recovering Myopes, Jake Steiner jakefacesupertiny

Your Eyes Are Tools For Your Job.  Learn To Keep Them Healthy.

You Have A Professional Career Riding On Your Eyesight.  

I have helped thousands of professionals keep their excellent eyesight.

From surgeons to pilots, to professional athletes, and soldiers .. my methods have proven to be reliable for just about any professional.  Retail optometry is the “fast food” of clear vision.  It’s an immediate fix for those who likely don’t care enough to consider alternatives to the easy way out.

Truth is, glasses and laser surgery don’t stop myopia.  They just hide a symptom.  Your eyes are a dynamic system, and can absolutely and reliably be “tuned” to continue to function properly.


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optometry-schemes-smallMyopia Prevention: Strategies & Studies 

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