Introduction:  How To Leverage This Program

First off, a warm welcome to you, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /].

You have made a very wise choice to start taking control over your own eyesight.  Well done!

Now it’s my responsibility to get you everything you need to be successful.

Here’s how we’ll work together to accomplish your vision goals:

The system will load a new session into your account every day.

This doesn’t mean you have to do a new session every day, but you want to aim for at least 3 per week.  Set yourself a time on your calendar, right now, and allow yourself 20-30 minutes of undivided attention to devote.

Expect the beginning to be challenging, with a lot of new information and things to try.

It will get a whole lot simpler as you progress.

Once we have all the basics covered, and you understand the process and what to look for, the sessions will become like second nature.

Be aware of the initial learning curve and just be open to the experience.

There is going to be a lot of new things here.  I’m going to take you out of the optometrist’s sheep pen and teach you all the things you need to know to be your own optometrist.  Or rather, your own anti-optometrist, since you’ll actually be fixing your eyesight.

The key – the singular most important thing here – is habits.

Eye exercises are worthless.  The Web is teeming with that nonsense and you’re wise (or lucky) to have skipped that.

Rather, what you’ll be doing a month, three months, six months from now, will be very, very subtle and entirely based on habit.

You’ll be challenging your eyes just a bit, as well as always keeping in the back of your mind to avoid strain.

I’m going to make you a finely tuned expert on the topic of your eyes.

Remember, habits.

So when you do each session, we always go back to the question of “what habits does this affect?”.

When we talk about strain and strain reduction, you don’t need to spend hours (or even minutes) every day doing some tedious task or exercise.  Instead, we’ll tweak your setup once and then let habits do the work for you.

So when we talk about measuring at first, and keeping a log, and then about changing your prescription, we are just setting the stage for future habits and your success.

And you’ll do great, as long as you follow my steps.

I tried to not oversell the program when you were still in the “browsing” stage but to be perfectly honest the degree to which my approach is effective is truly incredible. There are very, very few health or medical treatments that have a success rate anywhere near as high as what we do here (and remember, not medical advice – they own that brand).

I had gone to every extreme, learning about myopia back when I first uncovered the problem. I’ve talked to hundreds of optometrists and ophthalmologists.  That’s not to mention Chinese herbalists and acupuncturists, Indian shamans and 100 year old French doctors in Cambodia.  Lots of stories to tell there (which we’ll hopefully get to sometime… on the blog).

I obsessively logged my various previous approaches to rehab with hundreds of clients. Everything you’ll learn here – including the timing – is based on well over 10,000 hours of just tweaking the program alone.

That’s to say, this is at an Olympic level of training.  You will never meet an optometrist or other eyesight professional who will come anywhere near what you’ll get here.

See why I didn’t say this before you signed up?  Strong sauce  😉

It’s all narrowed down to just what you need; no superfluous activities, no endless reading. I’m just giving you exactly what you need, when you need it.

If you are one of those who tried lots of things before, including some of the few reasonable ideas online, and didn’t get consistent results, don’t be surprised.  The 10,000 hours taught me that you really need to apply everything in a specific sequence for it to work well and consistently.

No voodoo.  You’ll understand exactly why and how as we go through it all.

I’m really giving you my decade of learning and research, on top of the 10,000 hours of tweaking and analysis, no catch.  There is no upsell here.  You bought the program and you are getting everything I have learned.  For what you are paying, this isn’t even a penny for every dozen hours of time that went into building this for you.

Enjoy it.  Appreciate it for the work that went into giving you the fully tweaked dose.

Video, Audio, & Text Sessions

I’ve been adding video and audio to the sessions.  Here’s how to use them:

Video and audio have the same voice content.  I often include both, in case you are on a slower connection or have limited bandwidth and prefer audio-only.

Look for the icons in color for new video and audio content.  I’m adding those all the time, so you might find additional material for sessions you already did.  No need to go back, but if you feel so inclined you can revisit that material and enjoy the additional content.

Text sessions always take priority.  The video and audio guides don’t always include exactly the same content as the text guides.  Ideally, you want to always read those and then enjoy the video as another perspective on the session.

The production quality varies as I’m doing these in various locations.  I’m always traveling to see clients (and just generally cause trouble), and my video skills are nowhere near guru-level.

Whenever you have questions or run into snags (totally normal), just drop me a line in the forum.  It’s your personal membership forum.  And if you really need it off the record, just e-mail me (jake at this domain or via the contact form).  Everybody’s eyes are different, our lifestyles are different and questions come up.  I want you to succeed, which is why I’m offering up my time as well as the program.

Note:  If you have presbyopia, drop me a line in the forum!  We may have to make various small adjustments as far as your individual differential correction and close-up habits are concerned.  Let me know your current (if any) presbyopia correction and close-up habits in a quick forum post.

And lastly, you’re likely to get excited.  Enjoy that.

But be ready to temper a bit when talking to others.  In my experience people get a little weirded out about friends having had some major “breakthrough”.  My own friends (heck, my parents even) regarded me with suspicion when I first realized that optometry is a big dupe.  I learned to moderate a lot, and limit outbursts of conspiracy theories and the massive profit agendas.  😉

And lastly (for real this time) don’t be mad at the optometrist.  He/she doesn’t know better.  And even if they do, they can’t very well tell you.  They’d be threatened by their governing board; they could lose their license, their livelihood.  They are obligated to write you those huge prescriptions.  They aren’t the enemy, at least not consciously. Don’t pick fights with them, don’t try to “educate” them.  The best you can do if you go to the optometrist is to agree, be friendly and polite, and if they comment on your improvements, just give a short “curiosity bait” type response and let them ask the questions (if they really want to know).

–> Remember the centimeter and astigmatism measuring DIY tools from the free e-mails series, too.  Now might be a good time to get creative and make your tools (unless you don’t need to measure astigmatism, which is often ok as well).

Enjoy, see you tomorrow (or whenever the schedule you are making right now says to take the first session).

Cheers, and welcome again, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /]!

– Jake

Session: Audio Track

Session: Video Stream

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