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Consult Time With Jake: Request Form

Note that availability for scheduling can be several weeks or longer.

30 minute chats are available to discuss your specific eyesight situation, questions about your eyesight, goals, approach details relevant to the endmyopia method. If you’re just looking for an introduction to vision improvement (the endmyopia way), Le Rough Guide is a good way to become acquainted.

Note the current fee for a 30 minute chat of USD 220. Proceeds go to endmyopia. Fee mainly to dissuade casual chat requests, tempt you to use the search function and our wiki, generally keep my schedule clear for impromptu adventures and kite surfing time.

If you feel strongly that a chat will help, please fill out the form below.

I’ll be in touch within 1-2 days (normally).

Note that we don't offer medical advice or can provide conclusive suggestions for vision improvement if medical conditions are present.
As Jake is usually in GMT +7, we usually have significant time zone differences with clients. We'll follow up with options for chat times.