Eye Guru World Tour: 2016

What It Is

My meandering world tour, visiting students.

This has been a ritual for a number of years.  For a while it was a fixed schedule.  Summer in Europe, winter in Asia.

Then it became a bit more of an as-the-Jake-wind-blows approach.

These days it’s available for the “Personal Guru” participants of BackTo20/20.  And for 2016 I’m extending it to some my other darling students as well.


You will want to be open for little video interviews and fun life snippets (for regular students – personal guru participants can remain unseen if they prefer).

The Goals

More interesting eyesight health talk, in more compelling places.

An excuse to go out and meet students.

Entertaining and educational video for readers of #endmyopia.

The Map

[wpgmza id=”1″]

How To Get On the List

To be included, e-mail me your locale or add it in in the forum.  (see pinned topic)

I’ll be working on adding any locale to the list that is either a) awesome and/or b) has multiple students looking to meet up.

For any existing map points you might be close to, you can ask to be added to the notification list for exact dates and places.

Will be adding map points as the details evolve.

No guarantees!  New family additions are evolving, and life is going to be a bit unpredictable for a while.  I’m really hoping to pull off next year’s world tour again, though.

See you somewhere interesting, sometime soon,