Therapist+ Free Upgrade


Bonus for you, if you’re ready to go!

If you sign up right now (or in the next hour, rather), we throw in Therapist+ for free.  

That’s double the prescription reviews, six times longer therapist support, and the same 12 month refund guarantee and free child add-on option.  

Great deal!

Early birds only, no complaining if you don’t sign up in time.

Offer Expires In: 

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We double check validity of offer redemptions.  No cheating!  😉

With this upgrade you get the Therapist+ extras (more prescription reviews and six months support) for free.  Lucky duck.

Click the Paypal button to redeem the $110 free upgrade:

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  • 2x More Prescription Reviews.  
  • 6x Longer Therapist Support.  
  • 12 Month Refund Guarantee.  
  • Available Free Child Course Add-On (on request). 


*Valid only until countdown expired.  Regular pricing applies thereafter.